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Travel Light. Meditate Deep. Savor Happy.

Inner Peace on the Go.


A Life of Exploration: Solo & Senior Adventures

Traveling has been the core of my life, exploring over 30 countries. Solo travel since I was 22 has opened my eyes to different cultures and deepened my understanding of the world. This solo travel period ignited my passion for exploration and broadened my worldview.

In the past two decades, traveling took on a new meaning for me: exploring alongside my mom. We explore hidden gems like local shops and markets in charming off-the-beaten-path towns beyond the typical tourist path. These adventures allow me to indulge in my love of tea, savoring unique flavors in each new location.

While pre-pandemic trips were jam-packed with sightseeing and culinary adventures, my priorities have shifted. Now, my focus is on crafting safe and fulfilling experiences for my nearly 90-year-old mom.

Through these unique experiences, I've gained valuable insights on maximizing the benefits of travel, both for solo adventurers and those venturing out with a senior loved one.


A Life Steeped in Mindfulness: My Meditation Journey

My mindfulness journey began at six years old. In Thailand's Wat Sakae, I learned from the wisdom of Luang Pu Du. His teachings went beyond words, igniting a lifelong path to inner peace.

Meditation became a daily habit. It became more than just stress relief. With consistent practice, I discovered a wealth of benefits. Meditation fostered a deep well of inner peace, a calmness that helps me navigate life's challenges with focus and clarity. It heightened my awareness. This practice has become an essential part of my well-being, both physically and emotionally.

A Loaf of Love: My Baking Journey

My love for baking started with a simple goal: to make my mom happy. She's a huge fan of French bread, so I decided to learn how to make the perfect loaf. After honing my skills at Le Cordon Bleu, I felt confident giving it a try.

During the pandemic, I found a way to share my passion with my village. Inspired by both my mom's love and my Le Cordon Bleu training, I started baking French bread for the community. It was a hit, especially with the British expats. They were impressed by the authentic taste, which showed me that all my efforts had paid off.

While I don't bake bread as often anymore, the experience left a lasting impression. The joy of creating and sharing something delicious is something I'll always cherish.


Travel, Meditate, Savor

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