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Hi, I'm June

Hi! I'm Jarupuk Jalearnfusatit
aka "June"

A 30+ Year Problem Solver l MBA & Industrial Engineering l Deliver Holistic Solutions

Drive Business Value using Reverse Engineering Approaches and Data-Driven Decision Making

# Save Your Time and Money.

Give Ideas for Business Transformation.

Help You Find Area of Improvement.

Give Ideas for Business Opportunities.

Help You Plan for the Future.
30+ years forged my skills, delivering tangible benefits for you.
Supercharge Your Profits
  • Stop profit leaks: Identify hidden inefficiencies and streamline processes to keep more money in your pocket.

  • Data-driven decisions: Leverage analytics to predict business outcomes and optimize pricing & resource allocation.

  • High-performing teams: Build strong, collaborative teams that deliver exceptional results.

  • Innovative solutions: Develop creative approaches to tackle challenges and unlock new opportunities.

  • Strategic vision: Translate complex strategy into clear, actionable plans for your team.

  • Expanded network: Build lasting relationships to open doors and fuel new opportunities.

  • Streamlined operations: Identify and implement streamlined processes for optimal efficiency.

  • Data-Powered Insights: Conduct thorough research and analysis to provide actionable insights that drive smarter decisions.

  • Empowered Teams: Foster a culture of accountability and ownership to drive individual and team productivity.

Boost Your Productivity
Accelerate Your Growth
Real-World Results

Here are some of my case studies showcase how I tackle unique business challenges across industries. By analyzing real-world challenges across diverse industries, I deliver strategic insights that illuminate key decision-making factors for business success.

Real-World Challenges

From a young age, I dreamed of having my own business.

I achieved my dream when I was under 30 years old.

(Back in 1996, when only tens of thousands of people in Thailand used the internet.)

However, I had to shut it down in less than 2 years due to the Tom Yum Kung crisis.

The crisis disrupted my cash flow from importing goods from the USA.

I can assure you that I understand you.

If you are facing a real crisis,

I know how you feel and what you are thinking.

Negative profit is not as bad as cash flow shortage!

I always thought I wanted to work even after retirement.

I was also afraid of starting my own business again.

So I set a new goal for myself to become a "consultant".

In the past, to become a "consultant",

you needed to have deep expertise and many years of experience in a particular field.

I also personally believe that I need to know something inside out

before I can confidently advise others.

So I started on a path of being a professional employee,

with the goal of gaining a variety of experiences.

Over 30+ years of experience as a professional employee

#Managed turnover from millions to billions baht annually.

#Proven track record of driving company profits to ฿500 million annually.

#Managed a diverse client base across retail, wholesale, manufacturing, exporters and more.

#Extensive experience across manufacturing, retail, export, trading, and professional services.

#Proven ability to excel in various roles: business development, sales, marketing, HR, procurement, and factory management.

#Thrived in diverse environments, from startups to global organizations.

#Multicultural adeptness with experience in both Thai and multinational companies.

The most challenging job I ever had was,

managing a large, loss-making company

both multinational and Thai

and turning it around to profitability in a single year.

jarupuk jalearnfusatit
Real-World Experiences

Turnaround Architect

  • Spearheaded the turnaround of the largest business unit from red to black in one year and into top performer, achieving over 50% YoY growth and doubling gross margins in two years through strategic cost-cutting, solution-centric initiatives, and trust-based collaboration at Manpower.

  • Turned around loss-making sugar business from losses to 350-million-baht profit in 2 years through value-based pricing, strategic planning, warehouse efficiencies, and market expansion at Erawan Sugar.

Growth Catalyst

  • Launched & scaled staffing service unit from scratch, generating revenue within 4 months & securing preferred vendor status with Fortune 10 companies & managed legal aspects for smooth operations at JobsDB.

  • Increased sales revenue by 40% annually exceeding goals by 20% while opening new markets in power generation and Industry at Massive Technology and Engineering (1993) CO., Ltd.

  • Achieved 86%-win rate (42/49 bids) & increased sales 50% in 10 months exceeding targets by leveraging technical expertise & building strong client relationships at De-Ster.

Profit Maximizer

  • Achieved launching Thailand's 1st liquid sugar product, generating profit 500M+ baht through strategic branding, quota management and pricing strategy at Mitr Phol Sugar.

  • Boosted store profitability 20% in 5 months by optimizing resources, implementing dynamic pricing, and outsourcing delivery, achieving highest EBIT among branches at Carrefour.

  • Increased profit margin from 22% to 50% through strategic sourcing, supplier negotiation, and cost reduction initiatives. Led office renovation project to improve efficiency at Royal Airline Products Co.,Ltd.

  • Led ZCG retail business to 37% revenue growth and boosting product margins by 7.6% in 2 years during COVID-19 recovery through data-driven strategies (DDDM), pricing strategy, strategic planning, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Operational Efficiency Expert

  • Achieved on-time, under-budget production launch for new lines (tote bags, airline blankets) within 2 months, delivered 20-million-baht cost savings. Reduced scrap by 50%, labor costs by 20%, and successfully downsized during 9/11 crisis at Siam Knitting Products CO., Ltd..

  • Re-engineered paper packaging company, boosting profitability & competitive advantage through strategic planning and risk mitigation. Developed database program saving salespeople at least one hour per day at Thai Packaging & Printing PCL.

  • Increased productivity 30% annually by setting production standards & reducing standard time 10% at SHARP.

Strategic Leader

  • Empower businesses to achieve sustainable growth through data-driven diagnostics, bespoke strategies, and coaching client teams to unlock their full potential in consultant role.

  • Led a team to launch a staffing service from scratch at JobsDB, achieving first revenues in 4 months.

  • Boosted sales 40% annually & opened new markets; Led startup through crisis, gaining expertise in financial analysis & turnaround strategies for SMEs at Greenbelt.

Experience builds expertise, my skills bring value.


Chulalongkorn University

Master of Business Administration (MBA), Commerce and Accountancy

(2012 - 2015)

Kasetsart University

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), Industrial Engineering

(1986 – 1990)

Council of Engineers Thailand

Licensed for Professional Practice (Associate Industrial Engineer)


(Able to sign certification only for plant and machinery layout planning in factories with an investment not exceeding two hundred million baht.)

IMC Thailand

Core Consulting Practice


Leadership for QMS

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A Foundation for Delivering Results


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(+66) 99-428-2898

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